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                International Trade We company not only firmly based on the domestic market, but also pay attention to international markets. On the basis of cooperation with the Swedish Las Daktronics, we company has achieved the technology, management and other aspects improvement. Guiding the overall thinking and strategy in a high lever and making the product management including quality of management, technology, testing and production in international standards, the company leadership creates first-class technology and services and require strictly in every parts to reward customers.
                International Trade
                Vipeak attaches importance to international academic exchanges and cooperation, repeatedly sending groups abroad, and exchange experience with crushing and grinding industry technology experts such as manufacturers in Canada, United States and other countries to exchange experiences, learn from each other, Realize of interaction and mutual win between both side. Our products have been exported to Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Canada, Africa and other countries and regions, which has been widely praised! We will provide more new products and technical support for domestic and foreign customers by our professional dedication and diligent efforts to ensure Vipeak service everyone and enjoy prestige all over the world.
                International Trade

                1. Vipeak Group always adhere the concept of creating value for customers

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. always adhere the concept of creating value for customers. Marketing work is an integral part of any business, it is important because it provides services to all customers. How to serve the users better, let it receive company's products and services and create operating philosophy for users will always be welcomed and it foundation will become increasingly prominent.

                2. Improve product and service quality around the customer

                Vipeak Group activities have always focused on the global market and continue to foster new ideas, change management mechanism and innovation management, which adds some strengthen for the improvement of mining machinery and equipment quality. Vipeak always put customer satisfaction as the highest quality standards and change the ordinary level in order to reach the level of international quality.

                3. Vipeak has carried out many customer satisfaction survey works.

                To further improve the quality of service and product quality, we carried out comprehensive satisfaction survey for users. Fierce market competition is increasing, in order to obtain greater service space, understand users, concern users and think user’s thinking, which could enhance staff awareness of service, improve service quality and pursue sustainable development goals.