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                We can wholeheartedly provide the comprehensive for our clients.

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                For product information and price, free live-chat is available and you can get help immediately.

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                Perfect after-sales service system and all-round service network are the guarantee of Vipeak heavy industry to provide quality services. We company promotes product sales, technical service, hotline, promotion and after-sales service mainly by customer service department as complementary platform and by all levels service personnel of dealer.

                1.Establish customer service department

                The customer service department of Vipeak Heavy Industry is the company's external image window, and has a perfect set of service concept. We department concentrate hundreds of professional customer service staff. They provide customers with products, construction technology, technical guidance, consulting advice and service of complaints handling and tracking, etc by telephone, fax, E-mail and other ways.

                2.Fully implement sunflower service system

                What is a sunflower service system? It means making intangible service quantitative, and making it the edge tool to lift the brand. At the same time it is also the guarantee of purchase products for the customer. Let us use a sunny and efficient way of service shape a new enterprise culture.

                Vipeak Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd adheres to service concept ‘everything for customers, creating value for customers, makes customers’ demand as focus and achieves "exceed customer expectations, and beyond the industry standard" service goals with first-class speed, skills and attitude.