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                Since November 11, 2011, Vipeak started to carry out all work formally to improve quality management, and set up for every November 11 as "Vipeak Quality Day".
                Superior products and services is the most powerful proof in the enterprises' market developing, also the most direct expression of enterprise strength and mien. As an exporter of products and services, continuously improving the quality of the pursuit of enterprises is not only an effective safeguard to meet growing market demands and keep favorable competitiveness. Vipeak has been through difficulties of start-up period, faced with all tests and trials of development. Vipeak try best to be your satisfied partner, been committed to improve the quality of the product and to become the respected company in heavy industry. To achieve these series goals of can't without the raise of quality and excellence and enterprise internal management process optimization. According to the actual circumstance of company, we promote quality management improvement throughout the company. Improving objects included not only foreign output products and customer service, also the enterprise internal process of mutual connection and cooperation.

                We firmly implement the following regulations:

                Project manager responsibility system

                Put enterprise ERP idea into practice

                Cultivate workers to have idea that "Quality is life of a company".

                Improved performance management for after-sales service

                Provide trainings to staff continuously.

                Adopt standardized software to manage design, procurement and construction.

                Stable supplier chain, strong manufacturing capability and stable OEM partners we have cooperated with for years.

                Having VIPEAK staff trained in University about business management is a special measure. VIPEAK is a team with advanced management idea and it is trustworthy.