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                2016-11-21 09:11Industry News

                Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder Helps Vipeak to Crate New Technological Innovation

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                Pulverized coal and bentonite is still the main additive of wed sand in foundry industry, its quality is play an important role in the wed sand’s quality and even is a key to casting quality of finished products. So using the high efficiency pulverized coal and good quality bentonite is benefit to reduce the casting rejection rate. Recent years, according to the foundry industry’s deeply research, it will enhance casting quality of finished products efficiently with a good and reasonable ratio of pulverized coal and bentonite and add some additives.
                One famous foundry enterprise in Cangzhou, Hebei province has been researching for many years find that it will improve efficiently the product’s quality with using the technology of the pulverized coal mixed with bentonite. This enterprise decides to self-produce the pulverized coal and bentonite for ensuring the product’s quality, and finally choose to purchase grinding mill production line of Vipeak, two YCV095 grinding mill through two month’s investigation and research in May, 2016.
                The program of grinding mill production line be design by sales and technician to meet customer’s demand through visiting on site several times and been debugging and production successful in October, 2016 . The reasonable configuration saves equipment investment and reduces the site occupancy with using and high efficiently energy saves under the foundation to ensure the demand of ratio and quality. 
                European Type Ultrafine Grinder Series and Hyper Pressure V Type Grinder Series not only stable operate in major domestic large-scale energy enterprises like North China Electric Power and North China Energy, but also attach important to cooperate with small and medium private enterprises who constantly pursuit of innovation and explore. In the aspect of new energy and technology’s application, vipeak’s technician provide the powerful technical support and create greater profit margins for our customers and contribute to national industry through exploring with customers tirelessly.