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                2016-09-01 15:43Industry News

                What attention should be paid to when you select a shale crusher or grinder mill?

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                Shale is a kind of sedimentary rocks with complicated composition. It all has thin sheet joint or lamellar joint. It is mainly formed by sedimental clay through temperature and pressure, but mixed with that are quartz, feldspar debris and other chemicals.     
                Shale is formed by hardening clay, and its molecule is easy to break into obvious rock stratum. It is a kind of clay rock with complicated components containing clay minerals,and also a lot of detrital minerals and authigenic mineral. It has page or thin sheet bedding and is prone to break into pieces stricken by hard materials. Shale is formed by clay material after compaction , dewatering , recrystallization. Shale has weak weathering resistance ability and often forms low mountain, valley by the erosion. Shale impervious , often becomes the water-resisting layer in the distribution of groundwater. 
                Shale has a wide application in various industries on the market and little shale without processing can be used for paving. It can not only beautify the environment, but also promote developing our country's economy. However a large part of shale are used in the construction industry. And such shale requires corresponding crushing process , which we often say crushing.    
                Henan Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co.ltd specializes in the production of all kinds of ore processing equipments. When the market demands for shale processing, we put the crusher of good experience into market and that has a good effect. Shale crusher professional in processing the shale works best.   
                When the customer purchases a crusher or grinder mill, they pay more attention to the quality and capacity of final product and the price of the machine. The majority will consult people who used the equipement about the working performance, production efficiency, production cost, and capacity. We can understand all these behaviors because after all it is related to the processing efficiency. Vipeak shale crushers and grinders are widely used by the customer and get praize after used. They say that the product after crushed has uniform grain size and large output, that there are no flake or sundries and that powder screening rate of the grinder reaches 99 %. So you do not have to worry about our machines or you can come to our company for a survey and we believe you must be satisfied.