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                2016-07-15 10:37Industry News

                Ways to use coal resource fully and reasonably

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                China is one of the several countries in the world which have complete types of mineral resources and high degree of self-sufficiency in mineral. In the great development of the economic construction and infrastructure, minerals have been applied widely,which makes the demand of mining equipments gradually increase and also has brought new opportunity for many ore crusher, mill and other mining equipment industry. Vipeak is one of the most shining star in the industry.

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech Mining machinery company. Since its inception, we have been adhering the business concept of "To be your satisfactory partner", from the product development, production, quality control, whole system test, sales and after-sales service, we have kept the style of precise, realistic and scientific for elaborating products and services to let customers satisfied. Now, our business and service organizations have covered all domestic regions and global 75 countries, to achieve the whole industry well-known brand–Vipeak. Based in Zhengzhou, Henan, now it has Zhengzhou, Jiaozuo research and development production bases, covering an area of about 230000 square meters ,and owning more than 150 kinds of advanced modern professional production and processing equipments. With research and development strength, excellent craftsmanship, complete testing measuring equipment, complete quality control means, it provides professional scheme design and matching equipments for stone crushing and sand making used in building, industrial pulverizing, mineral processing field, urban construction waste processing, mining environmental protection. The leading products include crusher, sand making machine, grinding mill, ball mill, mobile crushing plant, pulse dust collector, belt conveyor and complete set of equipments, which are widely used in quarry mining, building materials, roads, railways, bridges, coal, chemical, metallurgy, refractories and other industries. Our products have passed ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification and European CE certification, and we have established a fully controlled quality management system. As the core technology products of the company,YCV series hyper pressure v type grinder, Q series enhanced mill, SQLM series upper driven mill all obtained the national patents.

                China is rich in mineral resources, richer in coal resources with good quality. As the most important energy in China, coal not only meets the energy demand of domestic industrial production, but also plays an extremely important role in the social and economic development. However, although the coal resource is rich, low degree of prospecting and economic recoverable reserves are less. Even if the development and utilization of coal resources plays a huge role in the social economy, it has a significant impact on the environment. Therefore, in order to save energy and reduce air pollution, only the full and reasonable use of coal reasources can effectively solve this problem.  
                So how to make full and rational use of coal resources? After crushed by the crusher, the coal will be sent to grinder for powder. The use of pulverized coal is of high efficiency, and reduce a lot of pollution emissions.  
                As is known to all, coal can be converted to other forms of energy through the burning. And combustion is a three basic conditions are: fuel and oxidizer, fire. The oxidizer, is often referred to as oxygen in the air, is also the main decisive factor affecting the combustion effect. The more contact area with oxygen, burning more fully, the more heat can be released. The traditional coal commonly block shaped, can not burn fully, after burning it will remain a lot of dross and can release harmful gas into the air. Coal after ground can be totally different. Pulverized coal will be jetted into furnace, and instantly a tremendous amount of heat is released. Burn more fully and more heat is released.No dross. Vipeak's star product YCV series hyper pressure v type grinder, Q series enhanced mill, SQLM series upper driven mill can be fully applied to the field.
                After the further study of present development situation of domestic and international mining machinery industry, and the industry technology development trend, grinding technology is rapidly increased. This does not only provide good quality and high efficiency equipments of international advanced level, but also can meet the need of national economic development for energy and raw materials. This has a profound and important significance in enhancing mining machinery manufacturing level.