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                2016-05-13 15:05Industry News

                Tower Type Dry Sand Making System Stronly Reverses Mining Transformation Disadvantages

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                "Green Mining" refers to the entire process of the development of mineral resources. In addition to strictly implementing scientific and orderly exploitation, the disturbance on the mining area and surrounding environment must be controlled in the range of environmental  control. Development of green mining industry is to go to the efficient utilization and development road which is resource-saving and environment-friendly.The mining area is harmonious going on the road which is the only way to realize the transformation of the mining development in our country.

                In response to the country's development strategy plan, Vepeak heavy industry with its strong technology, rich product design practice and experience of the engineering project of globalization lanched environmental friendly and highly intensive tower system sand blasting equipment. Using original stone by mining, metal or cement mine stripping waste rock and abandoned river stone as raw materials to produce high quality sand, it realizes the green aggregate mining and waste recycling, which can provide users with the most advanced and most reliable green mining solutions.

                Tower type dry method sand making system can customize the optimal device configuration  according to the users' existing resources situation. This environmental protection systemintroduces the world's most advanced drying method of sand making technology and equipment using cobble, limestone and others as raw materials.Through attack, fight back, high prsesure grinding and other grinding ways(that is, the stone hit stone principle) to produce sand (5-0 mm),and powder (0.075 mm).All stoone can be used one hundred percent. Its product has the characteristics of uniform and fruity appearance. The overall appearance is equally as high quality natural sand as well.tower type dry method sand making system is equipped with advanced environmental protection facilities and automatic control system at the same time. Except that the environmental indicators can meet the national standards and it has the  advantages of energy saving, its  operation and maintenance is very convenient and its quality can fully meets the requirements of China ii.

                Capabilities and characteristics of the machine:
                1. The sand  produced by the equipment has high density, low water absorption, good grain shape and high solid volume (up to 59%), so it can completely replace natural sand.
                2. Stone of 0 ~ 30 mm can be made to conform the standard of  fine sand in Chinese two areas. It has great sand grading and its fineness modulus is between 2.6 ~ 3.0 mm which can adjust automatically.
                3. It can produce dry mortar, asphalt mixing plant and anhydrous machine-made sand.
                5. Covers a very small area. In one production line, the main equipment covers an area of less than 300 ㎡.
                6. Fully automated production. Only one person can operate the machine. The maintenance is simple and efficient.
                7. Fully enclosed; 100% total dust absorption; zero emission;no sewage;plus with shockproof rubber pads; low noise.
                8. Each M3 of concrete under C40 can save more than 10 kg of cement consumption.
                9. Precise grading and classification accuracy is more precise than ever before.Moreover,it adjusts the water content of products through water-adding mixer to produce products the same as the wet sand .At the same time, good grain size can remain unchanged in the transportation and storage.