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                Vipeak Heavy Industry has formed a unique and rich content enterprise culture during the recent years' developing process. Being a power source for enterprise sustainable development, the development of enterprise culture has become a core-point of cohesion and solidarity.
                《Vipeak Declaration》is the essence of Vipeak enterprise culture and mainly formed by Vipeak Concept including Brand Concept, Service Concept, Vipeak Aim and Spirit the three parts.

                Vipeak--Technology is source, perseverance makes success.

                Vipeak Aim: Eligible quality is the obligation for society, and good quality is the contribution for society.

                Vipeak Concept:To be your satisfied partner. Vipeak Spirit: Efficiency, communication, service, study.

                Vipeak Vision: Everyone works enthusiastically and happily in Vipeak.

                Vipeak Mission: Provide customers with high added value products and services.

                Vipeak Magazine:《the Voice of Vipeak》

                Vipeak has the latest, highest and best goals all the time, and it puts forward--"new forms, new ideas, new initiatives, new heights, new image and new world" during the financial crisis.
                Undergoing rigorous training, Vipeak staff combines unique management and manufacturing technology, verification of qualified processes, extensive manufacturing experience and customer foremost service spirit to produce the advanced level products.

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Developing Themes

                Themes in 2009: new forms, new ideas, new initiatives, new heights, new image and new world.

                Themes in 2010: beyond the conventional, being perfect.

                Themes in 2011: despite the difficulties, being creative.

                Themes in 2012: newest design, satisfying exhibition.

                Themes in 2013: feeling in the heart, digesting in the action.

                Themes in 2014: faith moves mountains, Vipeak opens stones.