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                2018-06-04 17:05Company News

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Take Part in Mongolia Mining 2018 Exhibition

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                    As the most important exhibition in Mongolia mining area, Mongolia Mining 2018 was held in Ulan Bator in April 4 to 6,2018. Vipeak, as the main force in china’s mining machinery industry, takes part in exhibition again in this year, and have a competitive with famous mining brand and demonstrates the strength and elegance of Vipeak’s products to worldwide customers. Vice manager of international trade department Qiu Chao and the manager of Mongolia wang Aihua take part in this exhibition together.  
                    This exhibition was joint organized by Ministry of Mongolia Mining and Heavy Industry, Mongolia Mongolia National Competitiveness Association, Mongolian Mining Club and Minex Co., Ltd, and its theme is “mining cooperation is the core of country’s economic prosperity."  The total exhibition area of this year was 4000 square meters, which include over 100 indoor booth and 2000 square meters for heavy machinery and equipment in outdoors. Mongolia Mining is the most important exhibition of Mongolia mining industry, which is a chance for potential customers, suppliers and trading partner to meet for developing and cooperating with international and local mining companies. It is also a best platform to understand the latest developments in global mining technology and meet industry experts’ needs for learning from mining leaders, and find favorable investment opportunities. Vipeak, as a regular of this exhibition, also gained a lot during the three-day’s exhibition.
                    During the exhibition, Ulan Bator’s temperature is below minus ten degrees generally, which is colder than china for high latitude, but our participate are enthusiasm, as meanwhile the exhibitors at the booth are in an endless stream, which enhanced communication and contacts among the old customers, updated product technology knowledge, and new customers who are attracted are consulting products and prices. Even some dealer who was attracted by our product, technology and service, has intended to join us to be our agency initially and found Mongolian translator immediately support for our on-site reception and translation work. That all not only make us deeply feel the bold and passion of Mongolian, but also their delicate and thoughtful in communication and service. 
                   Through this exhibition, we further strength and improve the influence and grasp the trends of customer in demand in Mongolian market and the development dynamics of new product and technology of peer company. According to the characteristics of Mongolia market, to make a new, suitable plan for our product develop Mongolia market and promote the company's marketing in Mongolia to make new progress and breakthroughs!