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                2017-12-21 17:24Company News

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Successfully Boosts Hainan's First Construction Waste Disposal Project

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                Recently, major networks and media have reported on Hainan's first trial run of a project that turned construction waste into treasure through comprehensive disposal. As the first construction waste recycling project in Hainan province, the PPP project of the comprehensive utilization of construction waste in Sanya city was commissioned on December 15th, and the annual capacity of construction waste disposal is expected to reach 500,000 tons. VIPEAK equipment - - Stationary construction waste sorting and crushing plant plays an important role in this project, promoting the new development of environmental protection in Hainan.

                Sanya construction waste comprehensive utilization plant which started construction on December 15, 2016 is located in the South Island farm of Tianya district, covering an area of 109 acres. The construction of the project mainly includes construction waste disposal workshop, regenerated cement brick production workshop, recycled concrete production workshop and raw material storage yard. The annual disposal capacity of construction waste is 500 thousand tons, which can handle 800 thousand square meters of demolition waste every year, and save 100 acres of land and 450 thousand tons of natural sand and gravel annually. The layout of the project site is reasonable and orderly, and the office area is neat and beautiful. During the trial operation of this project, VIPEAK's equipment operated well and was highly appreciated by customers and visitors.
                 As a leading domestic manufacturer of crushing equipment, Vipeak Heavy Industry has rich experience and technology in the field of construction waste disposal. This project uses Vipeak Heavy Industry "multi-level crushing + multi-level sorting + multiple sorting methods" and "resources utilization of "integrated process. The comprehensive treatment and utilization of construction waste can produce various kinds of recycled aggregate for the production of roadbed materials, environmental protection cement bricks, recycled concrete and so on, so as to achieve the recycling of building materials. It truly transform waste into treasure, save land, beautify the environment and reduce pollution, which will greatly reduce the environmental problems caused by improper disposal of construction waste and solve the puzzle brought by the rapid development of urban construction.

                Device Configuration:
                ZSW vibrating feeder, HJC jaw crusher, PFS impact crusher, impact crusher, damping vibrating screen, water flotation separator, light material processor, pulse dust catcher, roller separator and belt conveyor etc.

                Photos from live scene:
                "The trial operation of this project marks the launch of recycling construction waste in Hainan Province and is committed to serving the community and benefiting the people which is an integral part of building a harmonious society and achieving sustainable development." VIPEAK's equipment actively responds to national policy, boosts the city construction and turn construction waste into treasure in order to achieve the new development direction of reducing pollution, beautifying the environment and accelerating green growth of cities.