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                2017-12-20 14:34Company News

                Elaborate?Manufacturing Creates Win-win Future

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                    Recently, VIPEAK’s Xiuwu factory ushered in a line of special guests. Government and business delegation led by Dayu County Magistrate Luo, Director Liu of the Business Bureau and Engineer Yue from Ganjiang, Jiangxi province visited our factory for inspection and technical exchange. Sales manager Sun Yi, production director Chen Chao and engineer Chen from technology research and development department  participated in the accompanying visit and reception work together.
                    It is known that in September this year, Dayu County introduced a key project - annual output of 200,000 tons of spodumene powder production project. As an important measure for the county's transformation and upgrading and the development of green mines, this project has drawn much attention from local leaders at all levels. At the beginning of the project preparation, we had in-depth communication with the customer for many times. After comprehensive consideration of the output ratio, energy saving, environmental protection, installation, transportation and other conditions, we recommended with strict and responsible attitude to our customers the European type open circuit system milling machine-YGMXOK190 which features high yield, high energy and environmental protection. Finally, the client approved our plan and signed the contract through in-depth investigation and comprehensive comparison.
                    The main purpose of this inspection is to get to know the  production schedule and to have close technical exchanges. During the inspection, manager Sun Yi and director Chen Chao made a detailed introduction to the delegation from the aspects of production technology, material selection, production cycle, shipping and transportation and operation and maintenance in the later period. In addition, engineer Chen made a detailed technical description of open-circuit milling machine’s working principle and performance advantages combined with the workshop prototype. Through spot investigation, the delegation gained not only a better understanding of our company's scale, strength and product technology, but also confidence in the timely delivery and post-operation of the equipment. New expectations have been expressed for more cooperation between the two sides in more fields later.
                    Under the guidance of the new environmental protection concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", Vipeak Heavy Industry, as a well-known enterprise in the industry, has assumed a more direct and specific social responsibility. We will always follow the business principle of "gaining trust and victory by good quality " and join hands with our customers to realize a win-win future!