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                Jun 04 2018

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Take Part in Mongolia Mining 2018 Exhibition

                As the most important exhibition in Mongolia mining area, Mongolia Mining 2018 was held in Ulan Bator in April 4 to 6,2018. Vipeak, as the main force in chinas ...

                Dec 21 2017

                Vipeak Heavy Industry Successfully Boosts Hainan's First Construction Waste Disposal Project

                Recently, major networks and media have reported on Hainans first trial run of a project that turned construction waste into treasure throughcomprehensive dispo...

                Dec 20 2017

                Elaborate?Manufacturing Creates Win-win Future

                Recently, VIPEAKsXiuwu factory ushered in a line of special guests. Government and business delegationled byDayu County MagistrateLuo, Director Liu of the Busin...

                Nov 16 2017

                Motivated Forward Fruitfully, Concentrated On A New Chapter

                Vipeak cooperated with a well-known listed company on a EPC General contracting project which is customized a 200t/h capacity stone crushing and grinding product...

                Sep 18 2017

                VIPEAK Products Takes Root in the Asia-Pacific?Markets; EPC Project Lands in Laos

                At the beginning of 2017, in order to adapt to the change in market demand at home and abroadandbetter provide customers with a comprehensive, professionalandtim...

                Aug 08 2017

                Flowing production line - perfect combination to make sand

                As natural sand is so rare and expensive, the artificial sand is still very popular. Although market demandis tightand quality of gravelis uneven,VIPEAKbuildsa h...

                Aug 04 2017

                One Line throughout--- Vipeak Construction Waste Recycling Project Set Up Successfully in Hainan Province

                Take Sincerity as origin, and take quality as the root is the principle that enterprise must be obeyed. Over the years, Vipeak is consistent with concept of qua...

                Jul 24 2017

                Vipeak’s Grinding Mill in Nationwide---Serving the Power Plant Powder Desulfurization Business

                Recently, as the rapid development of china, pollution has become a problem, especially air pollution become the important topic. Since the introduction of 2012...

                Jul 12 2017

                Quantity to Quality Conversion Brings China's Precision to VIPEAK Crusher

                China is in a new stagemovingfrom abigmanufacturertoa strong manufacturer. Strivingfor perfection and winningwith highquality will become the main theme of busin...

                Jul 10 2017

                On the Way: Starting New Course, Creating Resplendence

                July 1st is not only The Anniversary of chinas Communist Party, but also the birthday of Vipeak. Today, we had a Time trip for revisiting the day since the begi...

                Jul 08 2017

                The Highway Has Opened the "Through Train" and Aggregate Demand Grows More and More

                Asthe gradual implementation ofThe Belt and Road , a large number of national key construction projects and along the country and regional infrastructure project...

                Jul 07 2017

                Full Analysis of Vipeak Hyper Pressure V-type Grinder Mill

                Preface:It takes a few days for a mechanical part to be polished, several months for a machine to be successfully delivered, and several years for a patented m...

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