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                Who We Are

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                Vipeak-China first brand in mining machinery industry,Founded in 2005, we are your most trusted manufacturer for mining and construction engineering project.

                Corporation Culture

                The construction of the culture is the combination of the enterprises's cohesion and centripetal force, and the source of the continuous development. Vipeak declaration is the quintessence of the culture.
                International Trade
                We company not only firmly based on the domestic market, but also pay attention to international markets.We try our best to improve product and service quality around the customer.
                Photo Gallery
                To be a professional sand making, industrial milling, mineral processing, project designing and corollary equipment supplier, we have two manufacturing plants which cover an area about 100,000 square meters.
                It is the core power of enterprise development,in accordance with the spirit of "technology is the enterprise soul",We strive to create first-class products, to provide continuous technical support to customers.